Agutter's Quick


The original Agutter's 'Quick' was a hawthorn hedged enclosure in one of the Open Fields of Wollaston a Northamptonshire village belonging to John 'Atte Gotere', a medieval form of the surname 'Agutter' found in Wollaston's 1379 Poll tax list and in 1332 in the nearby market town of Wellingborough.

Probably planted in some way different from the neighbouring farmers', within the 'Quick' was a distinctive area of activity and experiment set apart to enable the development of his personal interests.

That sums up the role and function of my website: a place to highlight my historical research and ideas.

the Cross on Meriden Green

This photograph used as the banner on this website of the Cross on Meriden Green is one of the earliest in my possession, taken from an unusual angle and position. There are clues to establish its approximate date, as there are in many photographs if enough additional information is to hand. The elm tree in front of the blacksmith's is intact so it is before 1923. The Cyclists' Memorial is not built so it is prior to 1921. There are no sets on the edge to the Green and the road appears to be unmetalled indicating an Edwardian ( 1901-10) or earlier date. In the far distance the butcher's shop has a blind like an 1891 photograph in the Library of Birmingham collection and on a post card date stamped 1910. Lastly the village store bears the name Ward over the door. Joseph Ward was the grocer from his brother's death in 1882 until he was replaced by Alfred Bolus by early 1901. This photograph must therefore be late Victorian, that is before 1901.