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Church History in Warwickshire

My period of study covers significant developments in religious history. Many parish churches grew in size; in most villages there were land bequests to a variety of religious foundations near and further afield such as the nuns at Markyate in Bedfordshire. The area included different types of religious foundations such as the Collegiate Church for priests at Astley and nunneries at Polesworth, Nuneaton and Henwood near Barston. The Templars Church at Balsall became the HQ for the Warwickshire Knights' Hospitallers who also held smaller properties mainly in the north of the county. The Reformation meant vast changes in land ownership. Roman Catholic and different Puritan enclaves added to the complexity and interest.

I have written guide books for St Laurence, Meriden and website material for St Benedict, Birmingham a church closely linked initially with the Digbys of Meriden Hall and the archaeological history of the Priory, Little Walsingham, Norfolk.

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