Dr. James Kittermaster - Agutter's Quick

Dr. James Kittermaster 1789-1876

Ploughing at Lees

Ploughing at Lees

James Kittermaster junior was born at Church Farm, Meriden . The Rev. Anthony Bliss employed his father as butler and his mother as housekeeper at his new residence, Ryelye House now Meriden House on Meriden Hill.

The vicar sent him to be educated at Shrewsbury School. From there he joined the army spending time in Canada from c 1809. The country so captured his imagination he encouraged 3 of his 4 sons to emigrate there taking with them other farmers and workers from the village.

He trained as a surgeon at Glasgow University but practised without charge after he inherited most of the Rev. Bliss' fortune.

His hobbies were botany and art, especially the latter. Many of his paintings have survived, passing to his descendants. They provide us with a unique record of village life in 1830s.

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