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North & East Warwickshire 1300-C19th

A large tract of North Warwickshire was Arden meaning high land, comprising deciduous woodland and open glades. To the north bordering Leicestershire there was rough grazing; this was also true to the east on Dunsmore Heath.

Population growth by the early C14th encouraged farmers to grub out trees and create freehold crofts or small enclosed fields often about 4 acres in size called assarts. This was known as holding in severalty;

During the Tudor period when the population grew once more, there were changes in farming practice with dairy farms, cheese making and attempts to grow grain crops on marginal lands such as the edge of Meriden Heath; animal grazing on the Heath was restricted or stinted.

Walter Blythe of Allesley wrote a treatise on farming in 1649/53 showing trends often considered as C18th developments.

The Websters of Canley developed long horn cattle by early C18th; villages with Open Fields were enclosed. Lord Aylesford built a Model Farm in the 1780s on the Heath in Meriden.

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